Brief History of Vandapac
The origins of Vandapac began during 1988, with our president,Mr.Vatana.With his dedication and drive,Mr.Vatana had established Vandapac’s original location with in the KingKeaw of Samut Prakan,Vandapac had initially begun as a plastic packaging company manufacturing products such as ice cream cups and later progressed into establishing one of the leading automotive accessories comparties worldwide with a client base in over 150 countries

        The beginning of Vandapac’s rich history can be retraced back to 1988,established on King Kaew Road of Samut Praken, Vandapac had begun as a plastic packaging manufacturing company producing various types of plastic packaging suitable to the requirements requested by clients All Plastic packaging products produced under Vandapac’s criteria maintain the utmost quality standard requirements utilizing the latest innovative equipment. Vandapac’s plastic packaging consists of products related to food and beverage along with storage containers for everyday consumers. Vandapac has the ability to develop the plastic packaging market with its innovative designs,Vandapac offer the best packaging solutions for clients through products produced under corresponding international standards which have made the company into one of the market leaders in the plastic packaging industry.

        In 1991,Vandapac expanded their business into the automotive industry and become the first to produce bed liner outside of the United States Bedliners provided the consumer the ability to preserve and maintain the longevity of trucks while enabling the ease of use.With the success and positive reaction from consumers, bed liners enabled Vandapac to expand its reach and offer this product to both domestic (in Thailand) and worldwide markets.

        To accommodate the growing demand for products, Vandapac expanded its production facilities to Amata Industrial Estate in Chonburi in 1999. By 2003, Vandapac had expanded their business to include Thermal Insulation, which received positive reviews from customers and construction establishments around the country.With Vandapac’s Research & Developments Department, Innovative products for the automotive industry are created for the purpose of providing value, quality, and trust to our global customers.

        Vandapac is proud to announce the establishment of Maxliners Europe with its head office in the Netherlands.The head office establishment in the Netherlands enables the officiency to accommodate customers effectively through services that expedite trade for various types of customers throughout the European market. Vandapac’s business has pride in its innovations ; products made which ethical practices of honesty, respect and excellence for all its clients. Vandapac ensures that its products follow global standards and is certified under

                  ISO 9002, ISO 9001, ISO/TS19494 and ISO/14001.

        The name of Vandapac derives from the beautiful Orchid flower which represents cleanliness in hygiene and beauty of its products.