A new viagra for women is set to boost sex drive and help achieve more orgasms.

The pink mint-flavoured pill could be on sale in just two years at £10 each.

Researchers say it could boost sex lives of millions of women, especially those in their 30s and 40s.

The revolutionary product comes 22 years after Viagra was released to combat erectile dysfunction in men.

The pill, created to boost libido, is set to be the first of its kind released and licensed for use in Europe.

The pink pill will be mint-flavoured and sold at just £10 a pop

It will be available via prescription only, and is supposed to be taken 3.5 hours before sex is initiated.

Available in two different versions, Lybrido contains testosterone and sildenafil and is aimed at putting women in the mood for sex while working on the brain and body.

The second version, Lybridos, is a combination of testosterone and buspirone and is made to be used by women who feel self-conscious and shy in bed.

Women will be instructed to take a saliva swab in a bid to work out which pill will work for them.

Dutch researcher Professor Eric Claaseen said: “A lot of women are really unhappy. There is an enormous unmet need.

The pills have so far been tested on 940 women who have all reported success

“These women are not seeking help because they want to have sex every day but because they want a healthy sex life.”

Manufacturer Emotional Brain spokesman Adriaan Tuiten said he hopes the pills will “break taboos” and enable women to “take charge of their own bodies.”

The pills have been tested on 940 women so far who all had to fill in an online diary after sex.

One trial showed users enjoying two extra sex sessions and their orgasms increased by one a month.