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We work hard to ensure your imagination is possible
with a highly trained research and development team.

Vandapac Profile

Customizable solutions for all your requirementsWorking hard to ensure your imagination is possible. Fully integrated operation means full control of project managementFrom our in-house aluminum foundry, tooling, production until testing and validation ensure successful product development. State of the Manufacturing Production is so advance, we hesitate to call it a factory. CAD / CAM CapabilityOur R & D center utilize the latest technology available. VA/VE ExpertOur dedicated Value Analysis Value Engineering (VA/VE) ensures our utmost value in price per performance products for our customers. Full time 50 QA engineers. In-house testing and validation. Off-site driving test simulate real life condition. Thermo cycle testing. In house aluminum Foundry. Over 100,000 sqm. warehouse facility. Fleet of 20 trucks delivery nationwide.
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