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Pallets & Industrial Plastic

Reduce costs and improve transportation & warehouse logistics with Maxpallet, the latest innovation of plastic pallet. Maxpallet is innovatively designed with the latest technology to serve all industry needs. Made from POLYETHYLENE with special specifications.

  • Excellent cost saving
  • Extreme durability, lasting for a hundred trips or more
  • Lighter weight
  • Resistant to weather, chemicals and corrosion
  • High humidity resistance
  • Good drainage and non absorbability
  • Easy to clean
  • Stackable, Space saving and freight cost saving
  • High elastic strength
  • No fumigation required

Maxpallet provides international standard and custom size to suit all requirements.


Material : High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
Tensile Strength : 3,700 PSI
Size : 100x120x14.0 cm
Weight : 8.4 Kg.
Suitable for large loading but light weight such as medical carton and electronic parts.


Material : High Molecular Weight Polyethylene plus P.E. sheet and Diamond slip pattern
Tensile Strength : 3,700 PSI
Size : 100x120x15.0 cm
Weight : 14 Kg.


Material : High Molecular Weight Polyethylene plus metal sheet
Tensile Strength : 3,700 PSI
Size : 100x120x15.0 cm
Weight : 14 Kg.

The Best Value for your Industry

Feature Benefit
1. True four-way entryCan be stored and handled in any orientation
2. Skid-resistant cargo surface stabilizes Product load and prevents slipping on forklift tines during turns and emergency stops.
3. Fully nest able Allows for space-saving storage
4. Double –wall construction Greater durability and loading-bearing strength
5. More durable than wood Extended service life
6. FDA conforming materials Safe for direct food contact
7. Resistant to stream, hot water, detergent and most chemicals Easily cleanable by all common methods
8. Excellent cold temperature impact resistance and damaging UV rays Performs well during outdoor use
9. No nails or splinters Minimizes product damage and improves manual handling safety
10. Uniform pallet weight Standardizes shipping and handling

Customize Design Service

We provide a specific customize design and production service for various requirements.